Crazier than Fiction

This comic was formerly titled a day in my life but I decided to look for something more catchy so from now on the comic is titled "Crazier than fiction" because sometimes the wierdest things happen in reality.
The Java Bean was an internet cafe which I used to frequent and I met a lot of good friends there. And while the place is gone the friendships from there still remain. When you see "The Java Bean" or "TJB" it means some other member of the bean crew was involved with that strip.

I hope you find it entertaining.

Skool Daze

Skool Daze follows the adventures of the mischievous but good-natured Akee as he tries to over come his new school The Canefield Secondary. Between the Demonic upper-class men the unforgiving teachers and his friends its hard to see how Akee doesnít snap.

Skool Daze is based on my experiences going to The Lodge in the 90ís and while the stories are all exaggerated there is an element of truth in each.

Enjoy the mayhem.

The Yard

The Yard was created when I was at the Barbados Community Collage, back then it entitled "William, Scar and Stripe". It was inspired by an experience my friend Kerry told me about that he had heard from his cousin.

To sum up this story it is just an action adventure, but the characters are critters instead of people.


The Chronicles of Ohm

The Chronicles of Ohm is a fantasy adventure story I planned on doing for a while. With the invention of the Zuda competition from DC comics I decided to present my tale. Sadly my submisson was rejected.

I will continue to work on this and maybe one day you will see it in stores. Until then I have posted the eight (8) pages I submitted to Zuda.