Michael was the prototype, Lucifer the first off the assembly line and Khem was God's preliminary drawing, his name meaning The Blackness Khem preceded his brothers (Michael being the Light and Lucifer the Morning Star) and was closes to God. When he joined Lucifer's rebellion the majority of Angels went with him. In the climax of the war Khem alone was able to force his way into the throne room of God ahead of his army, when the doors closed, trapping him alone, Lucifer feared him lost but Khem over came the Angels there and stood before God and rebuked him about his blind love for this creature he was making called Man. When Lucifer and his hosts finally gained the throne room they were faced by Michael and Khemiel who crushed them and cast them out of heaven. Lucifer and all the fallen Angels see Khem as a traitor but what no one knows (with the exception of Michael) is that in his rage God did the one thing he has never done to another creature before or since...
he took Khem's Free Will

Basically it was the late 90's and I was watching alot of Highlander and reading a lot of Spawn