My name is Aguinaldo Belgrave, but almost everyone I know calls me Aguin.

I was born on February 20th, this makes me a Pisces and a Rooster. I really don't know how much of an affect the Zodiac has on who you are but I've seen some pretty accurate descriptions of my personality on those internet zodiac charts.

I live in Barbados, a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. I have visited a few places, each beautiful in its own way, but even if I move, Barbados will always be home (there is actually a song that has in that same line).

I'm currently employed as a Graphic Designer at one of the region's top advertising agencies. Unlike most people I love my job, there have been frustrating moments have no doubt people will rub you the wrong way but those moments are so few and far between, I decided not to let them bother me.

I went to school at St. Patrick's primary, The Lodge School and the Barbados Community Collage. I'm not a believer of "school days are the best days." I like having money to do what I want, I like learning things that are relevant and most of all I love not having home work.

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